TorchBearer Sauces – Featured Company of the Month – October 2014

TorchBearer Sauces – Featured Company of the Month – October 2014

Somehow without even noticing another whole month has rolled by … and it has been absolutely crazy at Slosh and MammaCass’s house … not only did we get married on the beach in the middle of a storm (complete with weather warnings for extreme wind) … but we went camping in the bush for five days at the Wave Rock Weekender (music festival) for our honeymoon … and all the other things that come with life with three crazy boys and a house full of hot sauce … so much delicious hot sauce …


So even though it is a few days late … we are back from the bush … back to work … back to study … back to life … and it is time for us to bring you our Featured Company for the month of October!

This month we head up to the United States of America to visit our good friends at TorchBearer Sauces … I first came across these guys when I was sent a bottle of Zombie Apocalypse sauce by my RedditGifts Secret Santa for their Christmas exchange in 2013 … It was the first sauce that Calais and I reviewed together … the sauce that got him hooked … the sauce that kind of got the ball rolling with this whole venture of ours … actually sitting here and thinking about it right now … TorchBearer Sauces are kind of the reason this website exists … so … a massive thank you to you guys 8-)

Anyway … enough of that sentimental stuff …

The guys at TorchBearer Sauces don’t just make hot sauce … they make the best garlic aioli sauce that I have ever had, some great salsas, a range of BBQ sauces that MammaCass refuses to be without now and a range of mustard sauces that are absolutely awesome …

TorchBearers basically has a sauce for all occasions …

TorchBearer Sauces – Under the Spotlight

We had the pleasure of speaking to one of the guys behind the sauces, Vid Lynch and asking him some questions …

1) What is the name of your company and how long have you been around?

We are TorchBearer Sauces and we have been in business for almost 10 years now.

2) What brought you to the chilli industry?

It’s a long story but basically we used to have parties every week where we would cook REALLY spicy food and try to kill our friends. Eventually that led to us creating a hot sauce and we went from there to BBQ sauces, garlic sauces and all the others we make.

3) What is your favourite type of chilli?

Habanero. It has the best heat and flavor.

4) What is your favourite sauce?

It depends what I am eating. Burgers, a mix of tarnation and our honey BBQ. Sultry on mac and cheese, fish or many other dishes. Oh My garlic is great on almost everything. But Carolina BBQ on pizza. Its hard to pick a favorite in our line to be honest. But if you put a gun to my head. In our hot sauces, tarnation. BBQ, Pineapple Papaya BBQ and Smokey Horseradish for our garlic sauces.

5) What is your best-selling product?

The Oh My Garlic. It’s been our best seller since we came out with it and it doesn’t seem to be changing. But the Horseradish and the Pineapple/Papaya BBQ do seem to be trying to catch up to it.

6) Are there any new products you have been working on?

We JUST came out with three new ones (Pineapple/Papaya BBQ, Psycho Curry and Spicy Horseradish Mustard), so it may be awhile til we come out with a new one. But we have 1/2 a dozen that have been in the works for years and are always getting requests for specific sauces. Usually we listen to the customers. BUT the next one I KNOW we are coming out with is a spicy tomato sauce. It is what started the company and we have never made it for sale. That will come out for our 10th anniversary in April.

Slosh’s Bar & Grill Top 5 Products

Disclaimer – this is the hardest Top 5 list I have had to do … there are so many different sauces that TorchBearers make that should be in this list but after MUCH consideration we barely managed to get it down to five … and also … re-watching all these old reviews has shown me how much we have improved since then 8-)

 1) Oh My Garlic! Sauce - This isn’t a hot sauce … it has no heat whatsoever … but that doesn’t matter when what is in this bottle is the best garlic aioli sauce that I have ever had in my life … whenever we finish a bottle it is almost like we have lost a close family member … there is a tangible emptiness in the house … until we can get another one!  This sauce goes fantastic with absolutely anything that you can think of … I simply cannot say enough good things about this sauce other than that I could actually just drink it from the bottle … Simply awesome!

You can watch Slosh and MammaCass’s review here – this is actually MammaCass’s very first sauce review

2) Ultimate Annihilation Sauce -  Calais insisted that this had to be number two on the list … he feels the same way about this sauce as I feel about the Garlic sauce above! So I will let him take over from here …

Ultimate annihilation sauce is my favorite hot sauce. it is great on barbecued or roasted chicken. It has a lot of heat and amazing flavour.

I have watched him eat this sauce here at my house and I swear I have seen him put 1/4 of a bottle of a chicken and chips and devour every last piece … it has a great taste and a really good kick to it … Another one that is always on my list when we put an order in!

You can watch Slosh and Calais review here

3) Honey Barbeque Sauce – MammaCass insisted that this one had to be in the Top 5 … after she tried this sauce for the first time it quickly became her go to sauce … and sitting here writing these up I just realised that in our top 5 for TorchBearer sauces are three different sauces that we refuse to NOT have in our house … that says a lot about how good the stuff these guys make is … Their Honey BBQ Sauce has a rich flavour with a very small kick to it … it goes great with anything but shines with any kind of roasted meat … it also makes a great marinade for chicken wings … I am required by MammaCass to buy this sauce at least 6 bottles at a time so we don’t run out …

You can watch Slosh and MammaCass’s review here

4) The Rapture Sauce – This is the hottest sauce that TorchBearer sauces make … It has an amazing fresh chilli taste … and is a great addition to any food … I found that it made a great base for a marinade for chicken wings, pork ribs … anything really … Another one of my favourite sauces … and the review is absolutely awesome … it contains one of the funniest moments in the history of Slosh’s Bar & Grill!  Definitely worth trying …

You can watch Slosh and Calais review here … and wait for the moment about 2:10 into the video

5) Psycho Curry – We were lucky enough to be sent out a test bottle of TorchBearer sauces new product – Psycho Curry … and it was awesome … a little bit too warm for MammaCass on its own but when we were tasting the sauce we both had exactly the same thought … and as soon as we could we made deviled eggs … and without any exaggeration Psycho Curry makes the best deviled eggs that I have ever had … we are ‘required’ to bring them to any dinner party/picnic/bbq by everybody we know … it also makes a great marinade for chicken and a great base for a curry dish … also a completely perfect curried egg sandwich …

You can watch Slosh and MammaCass review here

And just for your viewing pleasure –  a special treat for all of you guys.

Click here to see our review for Zombie Apocalypse Sauce

Slosh and Calais very first review together … watch how uncomfortable we were in front of the camera all those months ago 8-)

And now on to my favourite part …

The guys at TorchBearer Sauces have been generous enough to offer a discount to all of us … simply enter Iknowyou into the coupon code section on checkout and you will get 15% (or more!) off your order!

So go check them out at and try some truly amazing sauce …

As always thanks for stopping by Slosh’s Bar & Grill




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